Please, mrs Henry

is singer and songwriter Marco N, with different musicians joining on different projects. Based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, the Mrs is rather obscure. Far away from the buzz, writing, recording and dropping new songs on her site. Check out the myspace site for friends and new recordings too. From 2002 until 2005, The Mrs was known as 50lux, performing mostly in her hometown, Amsterdam. Marco N was born there, in the magic year of 1970

To name some influences, the Mrs listens to a lot... from Townes van Zandt to Nick Drake, from Bob Dylan to Nick Cave, from Will Oldham to The Magnetic Fields, from Leonard Cohen to P.J. Harvey, from Nicolai Dunger to Clem Snide...

Thanks for visiting us and enjoy the music!

Musicians who participated: Arjan van Helmond / Gideon Hekkenberg / Wout van Breugel / Bobby van Daalen / Jason Chong / Wenko Millaard / Cato Fluitsma